Welcome to Tetra Sense.
Our company provides scientific solutions for R&D, analytical and production facilities in Israel. Our areas of operations are the Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals industries, Biotechnology, cosmetics, food, inks, semiconductor and research institutes in Israel. We hope that you find interest to further explore our scientific solutions and we invite you to contact us for more information.


Feasibility Tests
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Material Testing

DMA, Fatigue, Adhesion, Thermal Conductivity, Surface Chemistry

Powder Technology

Milling, Drying, Spraying, Granulation & Coating

Tetra Sense Scientific Tools Ltd.      Tel:+972 (0)4 6272720,      Fax:+972 (0)4 6272719,      Email: sales@tetrasense.co.il

Address: 35 Hamoshav St.  POB 887, Carcur 37108, Israel      Website: www.tetrasense.co.il

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