Microfluidizer    -   Cell Rupturing 

Microfluidics offers the biotechnology industry high shear cell disruption capabilities with improved protein recovery and scale up guaranteed. From the gentle disruption of cultured cells for virus isolation to the challenging rupture of yeast and other fungi, Microfluidics enables leading global biotechs (including four of the top five) to meet diverse and demanding needs.

TOUGH ON CELLS, GENTLE ON PROTEIN -  The Microfluidizer processor is more flexible and robust than other technologies, and can be used to rupture a wide variety of cells each with specific shear requirements. By precisely controlling shear, customers are able to use the smallest pressure possible in order to achieve target cell rupture rates. In addition, Microfluidics technology requires fewer passes and effectively cools product with a heat exchanger. All of these factors combine to ensure maximum cell breakage and protein harvesting
Applications:   E. coli, , Yeast, Algae, Mammalian tissue, Bacteria, Plant, Insect, Fungi

Technical features:   High shear,  Uniform and repeatable shear rates,  Rapid cell rupturing, Ease of use, Simple cleaning process, Bio-Pharma models for aseptic use, Effective product cooling, small sample volume of ml range and up to Tons per day .


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