Tetra Sense represents leading manufacturers and distributes advanced technologies to the
Israeli market. Our scientific solutions are offered to R&D, formulation development, QC and production in the pharmaceuticals and chemical industries, biotechnology, Cosmetics, Food, Inks, Polymers and Semiconductors. 

List of Applications:
  • Particle Sizing & Counting
  • Physical stability & Prediction of shelf life  
  • Surface Chemistry - Contact Angle & Tensiometry
  • High Shear Homogenization - Deagglomeration, Particle size reduction  
  • Mixing & Blending 
  • Spray drying; Fluidbed Coating; Agglomeration; Granulation; Extrusion
  • Super critical CO2 extraction  Powder technology CPF / PGSS  
  • Micro Reaction Technology
  • Fatigue - Tensile - Dynamic Mechanical Analysis DMA
  • Thermal Conductivity & Thermal Constant

We will be glad to further discuss your applications and offer tests for feasibility.

Tetra Sense Scientific Tools Ltd.      Tel:+972 (0)4 6272720,      Fax:+972 (0)4 6272719,      Email: sales@tetrasense.co.il

Address: 19 Bareket St,  POB 3107, Industrial Park (North) Caesarea 3088900, Israel      Website: www.tetrasense.co.il

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