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Fatigue & Durability 

The ElectroForce Systems Group םכ TA Corporation provides materials testing and durability simulation instruments to research institutions, universities, medical device companies and engineering organizations worldwide.

ElectroForce® test instruments are superior test systems for mechanical fatigue and dynamic characterization. By incorporating proprietary of motor technologies and WinTest® controls, ElectroForce instruments provide exceptional fidelity, precision and versatility for a variety of test applications.

The ElectroForce linear motor utilizes a simple and durable moving-magnet design that provides excellent dynamic performance and years of reliable operation for researchers and test engineers. As a result, ElectroForce test instruments have set a new standard for performance, simplicity and elegance in a single test system. For more on the ElectroForce System Advantage please contact us at Tetra Sense.
ElectroForce® Cardiovascular Test Instrument
ElectroForce® stent/graft test (SGT) instruments have set the standard of performance for the fatigue testing of a variety of stents and endovascular grafts.
Ten-year FDA in vitro tests take only weeks with ElectroForce instruments due to their reliable, accelerated dynamic performance. Specific SGT instrument designs are available for coronary and neural stents, abdominal stents, AAA bifurcations, and thoracic stents.

For multi-mode peripheral and coronary stent fatigue testing, ElectroForce multiaxial test instruments provide realistic motion simulation to effectively reproduce in vivo conditions for multiple stents. The instruments are capable of testing an accelerated 10 year simulated life, performing fatigue to fracture studies, or evaluating worst case conditions for a stent design.

For the fatigue and durability testing of coated and bioabsorbable stents, TtA Electroforce has introduced the
EF9210 drug-eluting stent test instrument. This system provides a new standard of performance resulting in expedited time to market and improved testing accuracy. Through a combination of new and existing proprietary  technologies, the 9210 instrument allows a user to test twelve specimens simultaneously, provides increased distention uniformity along the stent profile and combines high-frequency performance with the necessary precision for particle capture.

ElectroForce multi-specimen fatigue testing systems can be used for high cycle fatigue life characterization of coronary and vascular device structures, and evaluation of device materials for s/n curve development. The test systems provide displacement controlled loading for small soft structures and devices such as stents, stent segments, vena cava filters, septal closure structures and annuloplasty devices.

By incorporating proprietary ElectroForce motor technologies and WinTest® controls, ElectroForce instruments provide exceptional fidelity, precision and versatility for a variety of test applications. The ElectroForce linear motor utilizes a simple and durable moving-magnet design that provides excellent dynamic performance and years of reliable operation for researchers and test engineers. WinTest controls provide data acquisition, waveform generation and instrument control in one comprehensive package. As a result, ElectroForce test instruments have set a new standard for performance, simplicity and elegance in a single test system.                                                                   

DMA -  Dynamic Mechnical Analysis (High Force)

Exploring the viscoelastic properties of materials and components.
A TA ElectroForce® test instrument is an attractive platform for advanced viscoelastic property measurements of elastomers, plastics, films, biomaterials, gels, and foods as well as many additional materials.
Control for ElectroForce instruments is provided by the WinTest® digital control system. This PC-based system features an intuitive interface and powerful test generation and data acquisition capabilities. The software’s flexible design enables ElectroForce instruments to perform a wide range of tests, such as tension, compression, bending, and shear under a wide variety of  load, strain, frequency and temperature conditions.
WinTest Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) software,  along with environmental chambers and our new DMA tensile grips, tests can be used to determine material properties such as tan delta, complex, storage and loss moduli, or to determine component properties such as dynamic stiffness, phase, storage or loss stiffness and dampening.
WinTest DMA software allows the user to define a series of test conditions that are automatically reproduced on the test system. The user can also step through a series of conditions to explore changes in material or component properties with respect to a controlled parameter.

TA Electroforce  DMA data analysis software also makes it easy to look at the requested and actual test conditions, and the original channel data.  FFT analysis is used to convert this data to viscoelastic properties and components, and the user can plot the data in a wide variety of ways or, if preferred, export the data to a text file for analysis in other third party tools.

Tensile & static mechanical
The TA- ElectroForce® Series III test instruments feature up to 7.5KN maximum force. With the versatility of static and up to 300 Hz frequency response, the table-top or floor configuration is adaptable to a variety of biomedical research and engineered materials test applications, including torsion testing, creep under dynamic loading and special environments (hot/cold chambers).
Key Features
  • Versatility for a variety of test applications                              
  • Monotonic to 300 Hz frequency response
  • DMA testing up to 200 Hz – all in one device
  • Electronic lifts and lever-action crosshead locks
  • Highly-visible test indicator lights
  • High-resolution and high-accuracy displacement measurement
  • Well-suited for low-force testing of biomaterials and engineered materials

LUMiFrac –  Adhesion, Cohesion & Coating Analyzer
The Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac® is the new benchmark for determining adhesive and tensile strengths (winner of the Berlin-Brandenburg 2012 Innovation Award, watch video HERE). 

The LUMiFrac employs centrifugal forces to stress multiple samples at once. It provides adhesive and tensile strength as an absolute physical quantity in N/mm².  The analyzer accomplishes this by directly applying an incrementally increasing radial centrifugal force to the specimen being tested. It determines with high resolution the RPM at the moment of fracturing. All data is transmitted to the well-known and popular operating software SEPView, which automatically calculates and displays the critical force/strength of failure in real time.
Furthermore, it allows to analyze, compare & calculate statistics and combine results for up to tens of samples. Related data, as figures of fracture pattern, may be taken into account as well. Test sample positioning is as simple as 1-2-3. No clamping or special precautions are needed. Just slide up to 8 samples into marked rotor locations and you are ready to go.
The unique multisample approach of testing 8 samples simultaneously results in an unparalleled accuracy and reduces measuring time by 85%.

The LUMiFrac is a research and QC tool for the adhesive formulation and surface treatment industry; lacquer coatings, joint wood products, composite materials in automotive and aircraft industries, adhesive tapes, multilayer foils for packaging or thin metal films on plastics and optical substrates, e.g., eyeglasses, mirrors, and many more.

HOTDISK  -   Thermal Conductivity, Diffusivity & Heat Constant

The Hot Disk TPS 2500 S is the flagship instrument in the system portfolio of Hot Disk AB. This general-purpose R&D instrument is designed for precision analysis of thermal transport properties - including thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity. The TPS 2500 S covers an extensive range of materials of various geometries and dimensions, and meets ISO Standard 22007-2.
The standardized TPS technique – today used in more than 600 laboratories – is highly appreciated for its ability to simultaneously determine thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity from a single measurement, with limited emphasis on sample preparation. The operative simplicity of the TPS 2500 S and the performance achieved when using optimally designed Hot Disk sensors, makes this system an ideal, trustworthy tool for tests of solids, liquids, powders, pastes and foams. The trademark high accuracy and precision also makes the instrument suitable for QC testing.
The selection of software modules allows the TPS 2500 S to be used in many specialized applications, from basic testing of isotropic materials (Isotropic module) to measurements of rod-shaped specimens (One-dimensional module), thin films, coatings or adhesive layers (Thin Film module),  high-conducting sheets or slabs (Slab module); extremely light and low-conducting materials (Low-density/Highly-insulating module); and anisotropic samples or layered structures (Anisotropic module) – all important applications in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, nuclear and chemical industries

Furthermore, with the unique feature of being able to probe thermal conductivity as a function of sample depth (Structural Probe module), the TPS 2500 S can e.g. be used to determine whether a sample is homogeneous or not. In addition to these applications the TPS 2500 S can also be employed for dedicated specific heat capacity testing of large (compared to conventional methods, e.g. DSC) solid samples, such as complex composites.
The Hot Disk Thermal Analyser software for the TPS 2500 S system incorporates tools for automated measurements as well as automatic temperature control of external devices. It also incorporates tools for exporting results to 3rd-party software (MS Excel), for additional processing or statistical analysis. For precise and automatic temperature readings an optional PT-100 temperature sensor is available.

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