Microreaction & Crystalization


Micro Reaction Technology  (MRT) 
mikroglas chemtech GmbH develops and manufactures microreaction products made of glass, for example, microreaction modules such as static mixers, heat exchangers or a combination of both. The material glass makes the reactor modules resistant against aggressive media.  Due to its optical transparency it is possible to investigate the flow regime under the microscope.
The T-mixers shown here represent the most simple mixing principle. Different channel geometries are available which  can be used for a wide variety of experiments.
The interdigital mixer represents one of mikroglas standard mixing principles which can be found in different configurations. Two liquid/liquid or gas/liquid streams are split into 30 or more single streams and then recombined alternating in the mixing/reaction channel. This leads to very narrow fluid lamellae and therefore to very short diffusion lengths. The triangular designed mixing chamber further supports this effect by focusing the fluid lamellae. With this lamellae thicknesses of less than 10 µm can be achieved.

PureNano - Continuous Crystallizer 
As leading pharmaceutical companies continue to explore the benefits of continuous manufacturing and bottom-up nanoparticle creation, Microfluidics' PureNano Continuous Crystallizer is being used to create stabile inhalable formulations, improve the bioavailability of antibiotics and target delivery of novel cancer treatments, among other possibilities.
PureNano is a platform technology with several innovative applications:
  • Continuous crystallization
  • Efficient nanoencapsulation
  • Chemical reactions
  • Process intensification

PureNano (then known as MRT) has been named a Nano50 Award winner due to its unique capabilities to produce superior particle size distributions efficiently for a number of APIs:

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient PureNano Crystallization 1 pass (nm) Beaker
Crystallization (nm)
Top-down Particle
Size Reduction
25 passes (nm)
Norfloxacin 180 3,000 x 1,000,000 428
Oxcarbazepine 767 5,000 x 20,000 1,200
Loratadine 90 - 332    

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