Particle & Dispersion Analysis


LumiSizer® -  'The complete dispersion lab in one instrument' 
The High-end Dispersion Analyzer LUMiSizer® is your complete dispersion lab, all in one instrument. The quick analysis of particle size distribution, characterization of any demixing phenomena, consolidation and the calculation of the velocity distribution in the centrifugal field make the LUMiSizer the instrument of choice for research, development and QA/QC.
Applying the patented STEP®-Technology the instrument determines particle size distribution and demixing processes of dilute or concentrated suspensions/emulsions for up to 12 different samples simultaneously.
The stability testing, obtained also with LumiSizer, can be accelerated by up to 4500x compared to traditional test tube tests.
Fast stability ranking and shelf-life determinations of undiluted dispersions in original concentration are done in minutes/hours instead of months/years. The multisample analytical centrifuge is ideally suited for characterization and optimization of dispersion properties. It quantifies particle- particle-interactions, the compressibility of particles, flocs, gels and the elastic behavior of sediments. The concentration, viscosity, complexity and particle size of a wide range of dispersions are easily analyzed.
Many applications in research and development as well as in industry benefit from the LUMiSizer®.

  • Particle Size range 10nm up to 200micron
  • Measure up to 12 samples simultaneously
  • Measure emulsion and suspension particle size
  • Measure particle size at high concentrations
  • Get fast and direct stability measurements
  • Obtain particle sedimentation and creaming velocity distributions
  • Calculate and predict shelf-life of your emulsion and suspension
  • Optimize your dispersant and emulsifier concentrations and type
  • Differentiate between various instability mechanisms
  • 'finger print' analysis
  • Determination of particle size distribution according to ISO 13318-2 ;  CFR21 Part11

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 DLS   Dynamic Laser Scattering

Variety of solutions for submicron particle size analyzer 
 Most accurate solutions to fit your applications in the
size ranges of  few nm and up to the micron range. 
call us today to set up a feasibility test in our lab .

 Particle & Aggregates Characterization
With our scientific solutions we determines PSDs and 'tails' of aggregates with resolution and accuracy 
which are often important in determining the quality of many type of products.
A wider size range, most accurate and reproducible, compatibility with any liquids, and robustness are what
make our instruments so wanted. 
Our particle sizing solution methods allows us to measure at No or at minimum dilution, maintaining the sample as close as possible to its original stage.


LUMiReader® PSA - Real-Time Dispersion Stability & Particle Size Distribution

The multi-wavelength LUMiReader® PSA measures space and time resolved extinction profiles (STEP technology) at different wavelengths. This allows for the determination of changes in concentration and/or particle size of the samples. The differences due to the variation of the wavelength can be used for the comparison in product quality influenced by changes in particle size induced by flocculation, coalescence, etc. 
The multi-wavelength LUMiReader® PSA is an instrument for the comprehensive understanding of complex industrial products in an easy way, giving hydrodynamic particle density, separation velocity distribution and particle size distribution in addition to the direct stability result. The particle size distribution is determined within the range from 500 nm to hundreds of µm.
Benefits :

- Multiple light sources with different wavelengths
- Advanced optics, variable light intensity
- Temperature control from room temperature
   + 4K to 60° C, ±1 K
- Measuring time 1 sec - months
- Sample volume 0.5 ml - 4 ml (depending on cell type)
- Sample concentration 0.00015 Vol% - 75 Vol%
- Particle size: 500 nm - hundreds of μm
- PC controlled operation, USB interface
- Conformity: ISO/TR 13097; ISO 13317; CFR 21 Part 11

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ACORN Area - Particle Surface Area

The Acorn AreaTM is a revolutionary instrument designed to measure the surface area of nanoparticles dispersed in a liquid. This patented nuclear magnetic resonance based method offers many advantages in comparison with conventional surface area techniques.
Measurements take about 5 minutes from start to finish. No sample preparation such as drying or degassing is required. High concentration dispersions are measured directly; without dilution. Acorn Area measurements are orders of magnitude faster than any other surface area measuring technique.

The surface area of particles influences many aspects of product performance such as the hiding power of pigments, the activity of catalysts, the taste of food, the potency of drugs and the bioavailability of drugs. In the past, surface area measurements were made using methods such as gas adsorption, mercury porosimetry, and gravimetric analysis. These methods all have the same limitation; they are only useful for analyzing dry powders.
However, the overwhelming majority of manufactured products involve dispersions of particles in a liquid, either in the final state or at some stage of production. While dry powder methods are suitable to test incoming dry powder raw materials, they cannot provide information about the particles when dispersed in a liquid. To date this has not been possible other than to estimate the surface area from particle size measurements or to perform time- consuming adsorption isotherm or titration measurements.

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