L.U.M, Germany 
Physical stability, sedimentation, creaming, separation kinetics
& particle size analysis
Microfluidics, USA 
High shear processor for emulsification, encapsulation and particle size reduction in wet dispersions
Particle Size Analysis
Particle analysis, zeta potential and variety of solutions for particle and dispersion characterization
ESCO Labor, Switzerland 
Mixing, homogenization and filtaration platforms
Contact angle, tensiometry and surface chemistry analyzers
PRO-C-EPT, Belgium
Spray drying, fluidbed drying, granulation, Microwave drying, powder coating
TA ElectroForce, USA
Materials and device testing systems : Fatigue, DMA & mechnical testing of medical device.
SOPAT GmbH, Germany
Online Particle size distribution & imaging analyis 
THINKY, Japan  
Mixing and deaeration technology for highly viscous products
Thermal conductivity, diffusivity, cP analyzer for a variety of solids, pastes and liquids
NATEX, Austria
Super critical point extraction and powder technology

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