Physical Stability & Shelf Life


LUMIFUGE® - 'The only direct and accelerated stability analyzer'

The Stability Analyser LUMiFuge® provides you with the objective classification and quantification of demixing phenomena and with the easy and fast determination of stability and shelf-life of dispersions. It is the instrument of choice for process optimization, quality assurance and quality control as well as for process control related research and development.

On the basis of the patented STEP®-Technology, the device determines simultaneously the demixing processes of 8 different dilute or concentrated suspensions/emulsions. Even different sample cell types and physical references can be measured at the same time.
The multisample analytical centrifuge LUMiFuge® accelerates the demixing process up to 2300 times compared to traditional test tube tests.
Stability tests and shelf-life determinations of original dispersions are up to 2500 times faster than perfomed in a test tube under earth gravity. The analyser, established for many years, features an easy operation, high flexibility (samples, parameters) and large number of applications.

Run up to 8 samples simultaneously
  • Get fast and direct stability measurements
  • Calculate and predict shelf-life of your emulsion and suspension
  • Optimize your dispersant and emulsifier concentrations and type
  • Differentiate between various instability mechanisms
  • Understand sediment consolidation and creaming layer formation
  • See and understand your dispersion from top to bottom
  • Obtain dispersion fingerprints

LUMiReader® -  Separation Analyser 
The separation Analyser LUMiReader® determines the demixing of suspensions and emulsions for a large range of particle sizes under original storage conditions, e.g. sedimentation, flocculation and clarification. The demixing process is accelerated using a patented measuring principle, without stressing the sample by additional mechanical forces.
By means of the patented STEP-Technology®, the change of transmission over the time, due to particle migration or alteration, is recorded simultaneously over the whole sample height with a local resolution of < 40 µm. Up to three different samples are measured simultaneously, a high efficiency is achieved. Temperature control up to 60 °C meets the requirements of many applications in research and development and industry, e.g. in petrol and pharmaceutical industries.
Equipped with multi-wavelength light source , the LUMiReader®PSA can be used in particle size distribution analysis using space and time resolved extinction profiles (STEP technology) at different wavelengths. This allows for the determination of changes in concentration and/or particle size of the samples. The differences due to the variation of the wavelength can be used for the comparison in product quality influenced by changes in particle size induced by flocculation, coalescence, etc.  The multi-wavelength LUMiReader® PSA is an instrument for the comprehensive understanding of complex industrial products in an easy way, giving hydrodynamic particle density, separation velocity distribution and particle size distribution in addition to the direct stability result. The particle size distribution is determined within the range from 500 nm to hundreds of µm.

Zeta Potential Analyzer
Variety of solutions for characterizing charged particles and 'particle-particle' interactions in liquid suspension.
Better resolution and accuracy are obtained while analyzing the concentrated samples, at any solvent or PH. 
The electrical potential which exists at the "shear plane" of a particle, located close to
its surface, is known as the zeta potential. It can be calculated from the electrophoretic
mobility of the charged particles, obtained by measuring their velocity in an applied electric
Measurement of the particle-particle interactions is important for determining the effectiveness of the stabilization of a colloidal system, thus reducing the possibility of aggregation.  
Benefits of LumiFuge as zeta potential curve analyzer: 
Easy to use -   No Alignment -  up to 8 samples measured simultaneously - NIR optical technology -  
Disposable Cell -  large size range from 20nm up to 100mic -
Small Footprint -   Sample Volume: 0.4-2ml   pH Range: 2 - 12  Temperature: 4-60c

Particle & Aggregates Sizing

The LumiSizer uses the method of STEP technology to  size and characterize a large number of particles in a concentrated dispersion obtaining a true particle size distribution (PSD) consisting the complex modality and the 'tail' of aggregated particles. 
This absolute approach is in contrast to laser methods   such as Fraunhofer diffraction which must process information produced simultaneously by many particles and requiring the use of complex mathematical algorithms to invert the data. 
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LUMiReader X-Ray®  -  The first step in dispersion analysis
  • In-situ analysis of transparent as well as opaque dispersions
  • High resolution of phase separation of multicomponent systems
  • No dilution of emulsions or suspensions
  • Detect concentration gradients within phases and sediment
  • Signal does not depend on particle shape
  • Determine mean and space resolved packing sediment densities
  • See/understand complex dispersion behavior
  • Use any continuous phase of dispersing agent
The LUMiReader X-Ray is the first dispersion analyzer designed for one purpose only: to study dispersability, stability, separation, and consolidation phenomena for completely transparent to completely opaque emulsions, suspension, sludges, slurries, foams and powders in real-time. For the first time ever, illuminate your sample instantaneously from top to bottom. Solve your most challenging dispersion problems with complete insight. Go places light cannot.
Our patented solution combines X-ray vision with the proven STEP-Technology, permitting highest spatial resolution, short sampling intervals and powerful detection technique. The LUMiReader X-Ray employs monoenergetic and parallel X-rays with the help of a special crystal. More than 1,600 detectors record the transmitted beam, giving an unprecedented resolution over the entire sample cell of 20 mm height. Kinetics of instantaneous recorded transmission profiles across your whole sample are converted into stability and separation rates. Particle concentration, sediment packing density and X-ray attenuation can also be calculated based on the extinction profiles.
The obtained Space- and Time-resolved Extinction Profiles allow you to measure and understand particle stability, phase separation, and sediment consolidation in systems that where up to now, unknown frontiers of science and technology. You now can optimize your formulation, measure its stability, and perform accurate shelf life tests, regardless of the shape or concentration of your dispersed particles and droplets. In-situ, real-time, non-invasive and non-destructive.

Typical applications are ceramics, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, paint & pigments, construction materials and fillers, as well as mining and petrol industry dealing with complex emulsions, slurries and sludges.
No more dilutions, no more guess work, no more unexpected surprises. Analyse and understand your sample as is, no matter how opaque or concentrated your formulation is.
The LUMiReader X-Ray is simple to operate. It comes certified, factory pre-calibrated and is ready-to-go.

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