Surface Chemistry

The measurement of contact angle, surface tension, surface free energy of solids, work of adhesion and other relevant parameters for surface science is the core competence of DataPhysics from Germany. The tensiometers, contact angle measurement instruments and spinning drop tensiometers are worldwide known in science and industry as high-end instruments.

A broad accessories range for the contact angle measurement devices and tensiometer makes also challenging measuring tasks easy to handle. The measurement of surface tension or contact angle up to 1800°C or under high vacuum together with fast capturing cameras up to thousands frames per sec, unique dosing systems to allow analysis of nano and piko-drops.
Applications : paper coatings, Ink application, cosmetics, Surfactant development, Polymer engineering,  Nanostructured materials, Automobile components, Packaging material,
Electronic components,  Glass coatings, Textile engineering, Agrochemicals,  Bio engineering, & Pharmaceuticals

OCA - Optical Contact Angle

The video-based optical contact angle measuring system, OCA 20, is our most versatile instrument for the measurement and analysis of contact angle and drop shape. The OCA 20 is available in several sizes to fit in most applications.
Features of OCA20 :
  • Sample table adjusted in three axes via high-precision mechanics, for the precise and accurate positioning of the sample.
  • High performance 6x parfocal zoom lens with integrated continuous fine focus, and adjustable observation and camera tilt angle.
  • Video measuring system with high-resolution USB camera (max. 123 images/s sample rate).
  • Lighting of the optical path with software controlled intensity adjustment, without hysteresis.
  • Max. sample dimensions can be optimized up to 330x225mm or 410x70 )
  • High-speed option max. up to 2200frames per sec
  • Software controlled electronic multiple dosing systems for the precise automatic positioning of up to six dosing needles.
  • Direct dosing system
  • Up to six electronic syringe units, with precise adjustable dosing volume
  • Electronic tilting base unit for a maximum tilt angle of up to 90°
  • Temperature and environmental control systems (-30…1800 °C und 1 mPa… 5·106 Pa).
  • Complete software package allowing contact angle and surface energy calculations according to several known methods.


DCAT - Dynamic Contact Angle Tensiometer

The dynamic contact angle measuring instrument and tensiometer DCAT 21 is the all-purpose instrument for the weight-based measurement of contact angle, surface and interfacial tension, critical micelle formation concentration, density, sedimentation and penetration rate, plus penetration resistance and all that during controlled environment .

  • High-precision electro dynamic compensation weighing system (weighing  range: 10 µg to 210 g)
  • Automatic calibration.
  • Software controlled height positioning (travel: 105 mm; resolution: 0.1 µm)
  • Automatic electronic coupling lock for the balance.
  • Integrated measurement and control electronics with connections for two Pt 100 temperature sensors (-60 to +450 °C; ± 0.01 K resolution; precision 1/3 DIN IEC 751, Class B).
  • Display for weighing data, temperature and other information.
  • Illuminated sample chamber with inert gas or vapor inlet.
  • USB interface with connection cable to PC/notebook.
  • Additional options and accssories are available
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