Tissue Engineering

The  3DCulturePro™ bioreactor is a multi-specimen perfusion bioreactor for reproducible and reliable tissue growth. This system supports cell growth and 3D tissue culture in an easy-to-use, scalable setup. The bioreactor comes as a single, standalone chamber with specimen fixtures or as a complete, multi-chamber system with a perfusion pump to fill the needs of individual labs at an affordable price.
This bioreactor can be used by biologists interested in 3D cell culture, biomedical researchers and medical device product manufacturers transitioning from static to perfusion fluid flow culture, and pharmacologists and drug development researchers looking for in vitro test beds or ex vivo drug delivery systems.
Key Features
Easy to use - no tools are required for setup, and the system is portable, compact, and lightweight
Versatileกชchambers can be used for a variety of sample shapes and sizes, including bone, cartilage, vascular constructs, skin, ligaments, tendons, and more
Adaptableกชeach system has up to 6 chambers that can be positioned in 3 orientations for different applications and experiments
Reproducible resultsกชstandardized culture experiments from chamber to chamber, sample to sample
Optimized for laboratory useกชthe system fits in standard incubators, is autoclavable, and is completely biocompatible

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